The Ultimate Guide to Beating Customer Service Burnout

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Is burnout negatively impacting your Customer Service team?

67% of employees say burnout has worsened during the pandemic. And for customer-facing teams, burnout is even more of a threat.

In this guide, Cooleaf and Thankful break down the ways burnout impacts your customer service team – and ultimately, your organization. With these powerful tips, you'll be able to address and prevent employee burnout and create a stronger employee experience in the process.

About Cooleaf

Cooleaf is the leading solution for companies looking to drive extraordinary experiences for their employees, customers, and prospects. Through Cooleaf's platform, forward-thinking brands are empowered to listen to sentiment and signals through pulse surveys and SaaS platform integrations, take action to engage stakeholders through recognition, incentives, and virtual experiences and glean data insights through a powerful suite of analytics tools.

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About Thankful

Thankful is the only artificial intelligence platform on the customer’s side; understanding what they want and delivering the omnichannel service they need. Like a human agent, Thankful’s AI routes, assists, translates, and fully resolves large volumes of customer queries across all written channels - giving customers the freedom to choose how they want to engage. Partnered with every major helpdesk, Thankful delivers business insights and AI agent services for the world’s largest brands, including Crate & Barrel, Ralph Lauren, Bombas, Pura Vida, and MeUndies.

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