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Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) is top of mind as teams honor Pride and Juneteenth this month. And with 57% of employees wanting their companies to increase diversity, DEI is a priority that should be fostered year-round.

So where are you in your DEI strategy? Where do you start?

Start here. We're offering a free DEI Employee Sentiment Survey this month to help teams start the conversation. Fill out the form and get the survey straight to your inbox!

Launch your DEI program with our strategy starter kit

Do your employees know where you stand on DEI? Do they feel supported in policy & in practice?

At Cooleaf, we’re experts in employee engagement. We help workplaces across the globe foster healthier, happier teams through pulse surveys, programming, and recognitions. We know that developing a successful DEI program means building upon themes and measuring progress beyond one event.

This 10-question survey & guide is a jumping off point to establish your foundation and to help your entire team feel valued and heard.

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80% tech employees value diversity on their teams

A great place to start when building any employee engagement program is with a sentiment survey.

This 10-question survey template & guide will help you:

  • Listen & understand your baseline sentiment
  • Establish your DEI mission & goals
  • Brainstorm engaging programming
  • Organize your DEI efforts
  • Measure growth with ongoing pulse sentiment

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"It's so powerful to bring in people who offer a different perspective. A more diverse team can allow you to create better products and serve your customers better because you’re viewing the world from a different lens.”

- Marie Roker-Jones, co-CEO of Essteem and Cooleaf guest collaborator for our "Inclusion & Belonging" webinar.

85% of millennials say they’ll be more engaged at work if they feel like their organization supports a diverse, inclusive culture.

76% of job seekers value workplace diversity when looking at job opportunities.

What can your organization do to attract diverse talent, engage your own team, and reduce turnover?

How is your DEI strategy going beyond the month of June?

Supporting DEI at your workplace means developing programming for your team throughout the year. Build upon themes. Create a space for employees to feel heard.

More importantly, listen to your employees.