A team celebration that goes beyond "thank you"

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up. Your team deserves a (virtual) pat on the back.

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Employee Appreciation is Powerful

A simple thank-you can go a long way.

With Cooleaf's Employee Appreciation Day experience, you can celebrate, recognize, and reward your team with unique events, experiences, and gifts.

Team recognition for Employee Appreciation Day


Spotlight your team's achievements with public recognitions

With Cooleaf, anyone in your organization can spot-recognize a teammate for lending a helping hand, demonstrating core values, or hitting a goal. Enable your managers to send meaningful gifts to their teams, and spotlight individuals or groups with public recognitions.

No matter where your team may be located, they'll feel celebrated, appreciated, and connected.

Let employees "shop" from your customized gift catalog

Cooleaf's rewards catalog features gift cards and merchandise from top brands across the globe. Customize your rewards catalog with charity donations, company swag, meal delivery, and unique experiences.

Employees can browse thousands of custom reward options and pick what’s right for them.

Custom rewards catalog

Interactive virtual activities for team engagement


Inspire your team with virtual activities and competitions

Cooleaf's expert team of program managers will help plan and execute virtual events that align with your goals, like Step Challenges, Peer Recognition Challenges, and Innovation Challenges. Our team handles all the heavy lifting, so all your employees have to do is sign in and have fun.

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