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[On Demand] Webinar

The Compassionate Leader

Achieving Positive Results in Challenging Times

🕐︎ 45 minutes

Leading through the storm

During challenging times like business downturns or global pandemics, the normal way of operating goes out the window. Now, more than ever, teams look to their leaders for guidance, inspiration and direction.

As a leader, how do you keep everyone rowing in the same
direction when they (or even you) might just want to jump out of the boat?

Giving your team the support they need to navigate a challenging environment while trying to maintain or increase performance results can feel daunting. 

In this webinar, we'll give you actionable tips and insights to lead with compassion and purpose and still achieve results. 

You'll learn:

  • How to set the tone for a positive culture
  • The three definitions of appreciation that guide leaders
  • How to convey compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence

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Kevin Ames, Founder at The Ames Leadership Institute

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Erin Lewis, Director at Cooleaf